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Innovative Features

Luxury Seating Components

Interactive Cushions

Our construction methods, for not just aircraft seating but automotive as well, provide us with the ability to achieve almost any shape you desire. While our aircraft cushions (aircraft bladders) provide greatly enhanced comfort and support, the finished device will not compromise the weight or cost. Understanding that this product provides us with the highest volume of units sold, it is our goal to continue to improve on our cushion systems in order keep your seats cutting edge. (Materials used exceed requirements of FAR 25.853 [a].)

Cable Control Systems

The natural compliment to our Interactive Cushions, we provide a wide variety of Cable control systems to fit various aircraft seatback needs. The ability to put the adjuster anywhere along the conduit provides even more flexibility to this product line. The different styles of input are mainly the anodized push button, nylon rocker and lever styles. (Materials used exceed requirements of FAR 25.853 [a].)

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Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic systems provide significant weight savings compared to mechanical systems, manual or powered. With a variety of shapes these products are designed to provide support and/or relief of pressure in critical areas. Low power requirements and great versatility make these systems as financially advantagious for you as it does comfortable for each of your passengers.

Motion Control Systems

Designed to incorporate unique advantages, our motion control systems can fill many roles in many different capacities. An Anti-Backlash and Low Friction design provide 6.5 inches per sec - 7.50 Hz BW define our standard. OPV or Redundant release with absolute positioning intact make these systems back-drivable. Additionally, more advantages can be found in the Motion Control Systems section of our product catalog.

Other Products

Other products are coming soon.