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Aircraft Seating Expertise

About Semco Aerospace

  Semco Aerospace is a manufacturer of Aircraft and Automotive Seating components. Specifically, Semco’s products are primarily interactive pneumatically adjustable seat and lumbar support cushion systems and inflatable bladders for seat comfort adjustment. Semco or its predecessors have been the world’s largest producer of interactive seat cushions for the commercial aircraft industry since 1974. The cushions are controlled with a cable operated pushbutton control mounted in the seat armrest. When activated, and the seat occupant rests on the seat back, the cushion (and therefore the seat back) conforms to the shape of the occupant’s back providing total support for the lower spine.

   Semco’s automotive products are comprised of an electrically powered air pump, an electro-pneumatic switch or switches and one or more inflatable chambers utilized in a similar interactive system. Further Semco products include electric actuators for aircraft flight control systems and commercial aircraft first class seat adjustment systems.

   The company also has designed and produced FDA approved wheelchair seat adjustment and pressure control systems both in the seat bottom cushion and seat back. Semco has the ability to generate new solutions to a wide variety of motion control and seat adjustment systems. The company’s president and director of engineering has over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience in these areas.

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